AoS Team Tournament 5/21/17 @ The Portal, Manchester Ct

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AoS Team Tournament 5/21/17 @ The Portal, Manchester Ct

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Team Tournament ; Age of Sigmar 5/21/17 @ The Portal
$10 early registration on or before 5/14. After that is $15 per player.
Doors open at Noon, Dice roll at 12:45. There will be (3) 2 hour rounds with short breaks between.

The Basics
* These games will follow the Coalition of Death rules in the General’s Handbook.
* Each player’s army will be 1000 points and follow army composition of a Vanguard Pitched Battles.
*The three rules of one apply to the team as if they are one army.
*Teams can only have one named weapon or character (such as Ghal Maraz or Archaon).
*Units cannot be part of multiple Battalions unless the Battalion is comprised of multiple battalions.
*All measurements are from the Base.
*You cannot duplicate Artefacts in a player’s 1000 point list, but can within the team list.
*Command traits, Artefacts, Abilities, specific spells or prayers are picked before & will not change during the day.
*Command traits, Command Abilities & Battle traits only apply to a player’s army unless they have same Grand Alliance.
*Tabling your opponent ends the game immediately unless they have deployable units they can still setup.
*The most recent version of any Warscroll must be used.
* Compendium & Forge World units and rules are allowed.

Event FAQ
* Teams that are both using Sylvaneth battle traits only setup 1 Wyldwood at the start of the game.
* Teams that are both using Tzeentch battle traits only get 1 pool of 9 Destiny Dice, any applicable model can use the pool dice.
* Lord Kroak can cast Deliverance of Itza multiple times as in his Warscroll entry (this overrides the GW FAQ)
* Balewind Vortex cannot be used for this event
* Battlemages must declare which lore they are using on their army list

Extra Points
Additional points per army can be earned for each of the following. (Only 1 model can qualify for each of the model specific (*) points.) The max is 10 per player, 20 points total that can be added to your total days score.
Round/ oval bases are not required, but entire army on them will earn you a point.
Painted models are not required, but entire armies painted to a standard 3 colors and based will earn a point.
Having a kool team name will earn 2 points.
Having a short story why your two Generals have joined forces to come to battle will earn 2 points.
Having a nice simple conversion done to a model in your army will earn 1 point. (*)
Having a more advanced or complex conversion or green stuff work to a model will earn 2 points. (*)
Having free hand painting work on a model will earn 1 point. (*)

Your army list
* Each player should bring 5 copies of their army list (1 for registration, 1 for each opponent & 1 for yourself).
* The 2 players list should have their Name, Team mates Name, Team Name (if have one) & your Allegiance name.
* Weapon choices for any units that have options must be clearly stated on army list & modeled appropriately.
* Your army list must state your General, Battleline and team Warlord plus Allegiance and its Abilities.
* Your army list must state your Command traits & Artefacts and what model they are on.
* Your army list must state any Warscroll Battalion you are using and any Battletome specific spells or prayers

Address Questions to; Inq_Enzo (on TGA or the Lucky 6s gamming group) or


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