AoS Global Narrative event " Coalescence" 6/10/17 @ The Portal in Manchester Ct

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AoS Global Narrative event " Coalescence" 6/10/17 @ The Portal in Manchester Ct

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Age of Sigmar Event


1 day Saturday, June 10th, 2017 Global Narrative Warhammer Age of Sigmar Event

Location; The Portal 60 Hilliard St, Manchester, CT 06042 (860) 432-0711

Fee is $10 if registered before 6/1/17 or $15 after

Players should bring 1500 points that can also be broken down into 1000 and 500 point lists. Use pitched battle Vanguard limitations for construction, Rules of 1, and Reinforcement Rules per the GHB. You “MUST HAVE’ a model with the Hero keyword that will be your general through every game & give your hero a name.

In the story, each general is attempting to win favor with the Keystone Shard by performing awesome feats on the battlefield. Players will be playing 4 games that are linked together. Players will be playing in teams representing the Grand Alliances. Prizes will be awarded for various achievements. It is recommended to have a small back story as to how or why your general has come to pursue the Keystone Shards.

You will need 5 copies of your army list. Your list should have your Name and Allegiance Name. It should also include who is your General and battleline options. Also include Weapon choices, command traits & Artefacts as well as Warscroll Battalions and Battaletome specific spells or prayers.

Address Questions to; Inq_Enzo (on TGA or the Lucky 6s gaming group) or


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